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It was indeed a delightful and rewarding experience to participate in the climate change conference held at the Digital Bridge Institute, Lagos, Nigeria on the 5th of December,2020. In the frame of the World Sustainable Teach-in-Day 2020 event, It was such a great honor to share some amazing climate change educational poems advanced by the Benjy Poetry And Music Global Concepts via Project Green Initiative titled “Think change, Take action,” “Our climate, Our health” & “Reduce, Recycle and Reuse” at the climate change conference 2020. It was indeed a great privilege to also educate the youths on the sustainable development goal SDG 13(Climate Action) as the youths have a great role to play towards achieving the sustainable development goals in Africa.

Furthermore, Mr. Miguel Peters, Founder and Director of Afrigod initiative shared with the youths on the need for the world to act urgently with regards to reducing the excessive emission of greenhouse gases leading to global warming. He created awareness of the great opportunities both local and international available for the youths who are passionate about solving the climate crises in Africa. The youths were encouraged to register on the platform:

This will enable them to get climate news in one place, give reviews to influence society and reach leaders to discuss climate solutions. The participants also made their valuable suggestions and contributions at the end of the presentations.

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Mr. Benjamin Anabaraonye, Mr. Miguel Peters and Mr. Victor Anya

Afrigod is a creative initiative dedicated to catalyze sustainable solutions to the climate crisis in Africa by making urgent action a necessity across every level of society through art, technology, sports, agriculture and strategic social projects.

A big thank you to Mr. Miguel Peters, Founder & Director of Afrigod(, Ingmar Rentzhog(CEO & Founder of, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany(Partner for World Sustainable Development Teach in Day) and Project Green Initiative( who collaborated to make the climate change educational event a huge success.


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